Helpful Links re:Federal Red Flag Regulations

The FTC has postponed the enforcement of the new federal Red Flag Rule that requires businesses to implement a written program for the prevention and detection of identity theft to November 1. The original effective date was August 1. The ICCFA offers members a sample Red Flag compliance program at no charge. Contact General Counsel Bob Fells at to obtain a copy.

The FTC says it will educate businesses about whether they are covered by the rule during the next three months and what they need to do to comply. (See for a news release about their activities). Generally, if a business only accepts credit cards as a payment for goods and services, they are not covered. However, if a business accepts multiple installment payments or helps customers fill out a credit application they may come under the regulations. We encourage you to check the FTC Web site for FAQs in regard to the rule's coverage. (See

Businesses can learn more about the rule and how to comply with it by reading Fighting Fraud with the Red Flags Rule: A How-To Guide for Business, at A sample compliance template for businesses that are at low risk for identity theft has been developed by the FTC and is available at