Today is the last day to submit a presentation proposal for the 2011 Wide World of Sales Conference. Although, if you submitted it this weekend and it is in our inbox on Monday morning, that'd be OK too. ;)

We're looking for concrete, specific information on how to effectively increase your leads, referrals and outreach to boost your sales NOW!

Please include:
--your contact information
--a detailed description of your "how to" topic, including the specific tools, techniques and/or initiatives the attendee will be able to put to use immediately
--the primary target for your presentation (managers, counselors or both; cemeteries, funeral homes or both)
--a list of handouts you will provide for our attendee on-site binder supplementing your presentation (at least two handouts are required)
--a brief bio regarding your background and qualifications, including any previous speaking experience

The format for this conference calls for numerous brief (20- or 30-minute) sessions, so please narrow your topic to one or two key points that you can fully develop and communicate within that time period.

Fax your proposal to 703.391.8416. Thanks!