Walking among the dead

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Looking for a good place for a walk? Try your local cemetery.

With Virginia enjoying balmy weather the past few days, more people have been getting their exercise with a brisk walk around town or country. One of the safest and prettiest places to walk is through a cemetery. Though the paved roads aren't lined with sidewalks, the few cars you encounter are traveling very slowly.

The small cemetery just a few blocks from my house is called Riverview, but really should be called Mountainview. If you know what to look for, you can see the plain the Shenandoah River snakes across, but not the actual river—unless there's some serious flooding going on. But from its location atop a small hill, the cemetery does provide an unobstructed view of lovely Massanutten Mountain, as well as part of the town and surrounding countryside.

A pretty place to rest in peace, or to walk in peace.



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A couple years ago when my daughter was finishing up her MA in Winchester, England my sister and I went to visit for a week (during the record-breaking rainiest June England has ever seen, natch!) and the best part was the churchyards, and the cathedrals, of course. The alleys and some streets literally were paved with ancient grave-stones, too.

I'll post some pix from home tonight.

Judy Faaberg, DP, CCP