Cemetery staff clowns around for the troops

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(Left to right) Cheryl Seabolt, burial information specialist; Joy Handgis, family sales advisor; Nancy Weil, aftercare director; and Jeffrey Reed, VP of sales and marketing at Mount Calvary Cemetery.

Sent in by Nancy Weil:

The Mount Calvary Cemetery staff in Buffalo, NY, took a moment to clown around on the job to benefit The Red Nose Institute. The Red Nose Institute sends red foam noses to U.S. troops deployed anywhere overseas. The noses are meant to be shared with others who might need a smile. Some of the noses are given to the children in the communities where the troops are stationed, while others are used by the military personnel themselves

While more serious needs and concerns are part of everyday life for our troops, the Red Nose Institute believes that the tiny bit of fun and silliness that these noses might bring covers an area that isn't addressed quite as much on an everyday basis-their mental health. After all, laughter is the best medicine, and silliness is good for everyone, even those in harm's way.

When Mount Calvary Cemetery Certified Laughter Leader and Aftercare Director Nancy Weil learned of the project, she knew that they had to participate. “Our cemetery supports many different veterans’ causes,” said Weil, “and this was a great way to show our gratitude and add some fun to a soldier’s day.” Through their staff’s efforts, three hundred clown noses will now find their way to faces of people they will never meet. And that is nothing to laugh at.

For more information about how you can be a part of this project, visit: www.TheRedNoseInstitute.com.