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Cemeterians regularly deal with how to shoo away tulip-snacking deer and lawn-destroying gophers, but how many have faced armadillos? Don Price, manager of Greenwood Cemetery, tells me that the episode of "The Animal Extractors" that included the removal of armadillos from Orlando's city cemetery will be shown at 1 p.m. Friday (March 27) on the National Geographic Channel.

A check of National Geographic's episode guide indicates the episode is called "Polar Bears in Peril." The episode features "trouble-making beavers, peacocks and armadillos" as well as the rescue of a mother polar bear and her cubs.

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This was a very fun evening of "wrassling" those pesky Armadillos. I can't verify the validity of the "droves" of Armadillos that were seen or caught, but it was a great laugh. Our main issue with both the series and National Geographic is that the animals had to be released, unharmed, back into a different habitat. We were hoping for a barbeque! :)