"Girlfriends" gather at funeral home to help Ugandan orphanage and clinic

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An orphanage and health clinic in Uganda recently received two dozen large boxes of goodies from Nancy Lohman and friends. The women spent an evening at Lohman Funeral Home Ormond (Florida) boxing up the clothing, food, medical supplies and toys they had gathered.

Two sisters receive their first doll

Two sisters receive their first doll

Lohman, who has more energy than anyone I know, is COO of Lohman Funeral Homes, Cremation & Cemeteries, Daytona Beach, Florida (www.lohmanfuneralhomes.com); is an ICCFA vice president; and is involved with numerous civic organizations. She shared with some friends an e-mail report from her sister, Ann Ries, an RN from Seattle, Washington, who is working at New Hope Ministries Orphanage and Health Clinic in Luwero, Uganda. One of those friends, Peggy Farmer, asked what they could do to help. Soon she, Lohman and Lorry Garafolo were heading up "Project Uganda: Girlfriends Helping Girlfriends."

About 20 "girlfriends" gathered donations, using the Lohmans' Ormond funeral home as a drop-off point. In the end, they prepared two dozen large boxes for shipment to Uganda. Ormond's funeral director in charge, Allen Storms; funeral director Todd Winninger; and Lohman's administrative assistant, Felicia Vitiello, dealt with US Customs requirements and delivered the boxes to the Post Office.

Eight weeks later, the boxes arrived "safe and sound," Reis reported. "Everyone here is truly amazed and overwhelmed by your generosity. ... You can't even imagine how much fun it will be to hand out these gifts."

The project was especially meaningful, Lohman said, because much of the work took place during the end-of-the-year holiday season, "a time of year which reminds us to give thanks for our blessings and to share our blessings with others."

"Girlfriends" involved also included Bonda Garrison, Nan Heebner, Michelle Carter-Scott, Jill Crouch, Laurentia Lucas, Bonnie Schillinger, Sally Reelick, Jill Stephens, Sharon Damante, Suzanne Fleuchaus, Muffi Chanfrau, Vonda Sullivan, Peggy Stockman, Patti Surguine and Linda Lampman.

Ann Ries receives her first chocolate in months!

Ann Ries receives her first chocolate in months!

 Girlfriends Helping Girlfriends

Project Uganda: Girlfriends Helping Girlfriends

Bonda Garrison and Peggy Farmer; Nancy Lohman and Sally Reelick

Bonda Garrison & Peggy Farmer; Nancy Lohman & Sally Reelick

Lorry Garafolo & Laurentia Lucas; Michelle Carter-Scott; Susanne Fleuchaus & Nan Heebner


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Our family will see Ann now that she is home at a family reunion we have planned in Ohio in late August. I look forward to talking with her personally about her experiences in Uganda. I am glad she home and grateful that she was able to fulfill a passion she had to serve the children of Uganda.

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Your sister is something special, going where a lot of people would not dare to tread nowadays.