Story paints a nice picture of historic cemetery

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The Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, NY, and President Richard Moylan, CCE, were featured in a nice television news story (picked up by Yahoo! news) on the cemetery's efforts to create an art gallery tied to its residents.

Of course there were the obligatory puns, such as the anchor's description of Green-Wood as "a unique art gallery where all of the painters work the graveyard shift." But it was undoubtedly a positive story, mentioning, as the camera panned over the cemetery's beautiful grounds, the fact that many notable people are among the 500,000+ interred there.

Green-Wood President Richard Moylan, CCE, talks about how they started collecting prints of artwork by the cemetery's more than 200 artistically inclined residents and then realized they could own some originals. Some have been purchased through Christie's in London, but he found one on eBay for $140. Green-Wood now has about 80 paintings, many hanging in the office.

The reporter seemed surprised when Moylan said Green-Wood hopes to someday open a stand-alone gallery to house its collection. "Yes! Right here at the graveyard," the reporter said, adding, "After all, there's an old saying that cemeteries are outdoor museums." Yes, they are. And in Green-Wood's case, an indoor museum, as well.