Mortician talks about makeup and more

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People don't die gracefully, says mortician Lynne McGuire. Often the last time family members see their loved one at home or in the hospital it's not a comforting sight. That mental picture "stays with them until they see something to replace that," and providing a comforting final vision is part of her job, she says in a 3-minute video featured on the front of today's Washington Post.

The front-page blurb that promotes the video: "I can't change the course of events, but I can attempt to make it a little easier" for families and friends, Lynne McGuire says.

The video is part of an (obviously) online-only project called OnBeing. This series is about make-up, so McGuire addresses how she uses cosmetics and mortuary products to make the deceased look as he or she did in life.

To watch the video, follow this link:

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