Municipal cemetery's "green" option

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Prairie Home Cemetery, owned and operated by the city of Waukesha, Wisconsin, has been getting some publicity for offering the option of "green" burial. A brief interview with cemetery manager David Brenner by the local ABC affiliate can be viewed (or the transcript read) at

Prairie Home also was featured in an Earth Day story on "eco-friendly" final resting places by Milwaukee Public Radio that included an interview with Joe Sehee of the Green Burial Council and a photo of a bamboo casket from Passages International. Brenner then talks about Prairie Home's plans to transform a section of the cemetery into a meadow where "green" burials will take place. Instead of traditional monuments, graves will have tiny markers, with the names of those interred recorded on large rocks. The audio interview and a transcript are available at

Check out Prairie Home's Web site at, which at this writing includes this sign-of-the-times offer on the home page: "Recession Buster #1-Preplanned purchases, No interest, 10 years to pay, $50.00 down." Though it is city-owned, the cemetery is self-supporting, not taxpayer-funded.

Considering how much press the cemetery is getting, it might want to add an "in the news" section to its Web site.