Looking at cemeteries through the viewfinder

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Long before I came to work at the ICCFA, I knew that cemeteries are beautiful and fascinating places. Many photographers know that, as well.

Those of you on Facebook who would like beautiful photos of cemeteries to be part of your news feed can "friend" John Grant, whose profile photo as of today is him in front of a statue of a grieving angel. His "photos of the day" frequently are taken in cemeteries. There are hundreds of gorgeous and evocative cemetery photos among his albums. If you're on Facebook:


His Web page:


ICCFA member Adam Sheer recently met a photographer, Ellen Zaroff, whose portfolio includes photos of grieving statues. You can see some of her beautiful black and white photos of cemetery statuary, taken at Cementerio De San Juan, Calvary Queens Cemetery and various other cemeteries, on her Web site. Click on "cemeteries" to read about what she calls "project grief," and go to the "folio" section to see the photos.