I finally go to the U

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I've been hearing for 11 years that to understand what ICCFA University is all about you have to attend. This is the year I will finally become educated, initiated, enlightened or whatever it is that happens to make people who have attended so enthusiastic about the experience. Of course, I'll still be an observer rather than a participant, but judging from the level of enthusiasm shown by both professors and students, I imagine that will be enough to give me a good sense of what's so special about "the U."

Click on the classroom photo below, taken at ICCFA 2009, to see more photos from last year's session. You still have time to join me and your enthusiastic colleagues from cemeteries, funeral homes, crematories and related businesses at this year's session, which runs from Friday, July 23, to Wednesday, July 28. Call 1.800.645.7700.