Getting paid to learn

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ICCFA University Chancellor Mike Burke is surrounded by the 2010 winners of scholarships to attend this terrific educational experience.

(Click on the photo to see photos of students and teachers at this year's ICCFAU.)

A few years ago, the ICCFA Women's Forum started awarding a scholarship to ICCFA University. Then it was two scholarships. Today, scholarships to the best educational experience in the profession are available not only from the ICCFA (through the Educational Foundation) but also from a growing number of state and regional associations.

Interested in obtaining some scholarship funds to attend ICCFAU 2011 next July? Start looking into scholarships now. And if your state, provincial or regional association doesn't offer one, see what you can do to change that.

This year's scholarship winners (from left):
*Chris Cooke, City of Evansville, Indiana, ICCFA Educational Foundation;

*Rebecca Ehlert, Pinelawn Memorial Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin--Central States Scholarship awarded via the ICCFA Educational Foundation;

*Jeffrey Young, Personal Alternative Funeral Services, Aldergrove, British Columbia--Cemetery and Crematorium Association of British Columbia;

(Chancellor Mike Burke);

*Caren Lee Harville, Glen Haven Memorial Garden, Sylmar, California--ICCFA Educational Foundation;

*Kevin Bunnett, City of Coquitlam, British Columbia--Cemetery and Crematorium Association of British Columbia;

*Becky Jones, Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Alabama--Southern Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association;

*Tanya Scotece, Farley Funeral Homes & Crematory, Venice, Florida--Florida Funeral Director's Association

In addition to the associations listed above, the Massachusetts Cemetery Association offers scholarships to a number of educational programs, including ICCFAU.

Scholarship applications for the 2011 session of ICCFA University will be available from the ICCFA Educational Foudation in the fall. Contact the ICCFA at 1.800.645.700.