Burke looks good in bronze

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Retiring ICCFA University Chancellor Mike Burke was honored at the 2010 graduation with a plaque by Matthews Bronze showing a collage of scenes from his years leading “the U," 2005-2010. It seemed especially appropriate that the presentation was made by ICCFA President Kevin Daniels during the ceremony Burke did so much to turn into an event during his time in charge.

As College of Sales & Marketing Dean Gary O’Sullivan put it, Burke changed ICCFA University “from a learning institution to a life-changing experience.” The work he did is all the more amazing when you consider that the position of chancellor is, like that of dean, unpaid. That's right--the association members who lead this intense educational experience each year, developing curriculums and lining up professors, are volunteers.

After the graduation ceremony, the celebration for Chancellor Burke continued with a reception. Click on the photos to see more pictures from the ceremony and from this year’s ICCFA University.

Burke with the plaque from Matthews Bronze.

ICCFA President Kevin Daniels reads the plaque, which says, “In honor of Michale H. Burke, for dedicated service and inspired leadership of the ICCFA University; Chancellor 2005-2010, Dean 2000-2004.” In the background are deans Nancy Lohman and Gary O’Sullivan.