Todd's blogging? Will wonders never cease!

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I'm always happy to help the ICCFA, but those of you who know me are probably not surprised that when they asked me to write a blog I told them I don't know what a blog is. Is it anything like a "Blob," I wondered?

I know what a "Blob" is because I saw the horror movie when I was 8 years old and it scared the bajeesus out of me. I remember walking home by myself at night after the movie. A car passed me and I ran as fast as I could to stay in front of the car's headlights because I thought, "If the Blob jumps out from behind a bush or tree, the guy driving the car will see it and jump out and save me."

When I finally got home, the car stopped and a man got out and said, "Todd, what on heaven's earth are you doing?" The man was my family's minister.  I had to think quickly on my feet not to confess to our clergyman that I had been depending on him to kill the Blob!

Now that I know the difference between the Blob and a blog, my next "post" will be about our profession.


Great to have you here. I've long believed that you and blogging would go together like Mozart and tunesmithing. We just have to ease you into the technical aspects of the process.

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Todd, I think you are a little more tech savvy than you think. I look forward to reading your "blobs".

Judy Faaberg, DP, CCP

This will be a great thing for our site and for our association. Thanks, Todd!!

Linda Budzinski

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Great, yet another way for us to gain insight and information. WELCOME to the world of blogging! Glad you are here. I'm sure that participating in your blog will be just and joyous as the conversations at the 2008 ICCFAU were. Do I hear "O'Canada" in the background? (LOL)

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Just wanted to say hi and yes, good Blog. Check out my urns at from artists around the world...
Thank, Matt