Another irritant to the anti-funeral people

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This is going to be a short and sweet writing.  The 2008 Gallup Poll results which polled the average American concerning the subject of professional ethics in careers is out, and once again funeral directors have made the top list.  I think, if memory serves, funeral directors have made this prestigious list for now over a decade.

The overall results of the Gallup Poll, which really focus in getting the opinions of the common ordinary folk, you know the Archie and Edith Bunkers of the world, who are the substance of the funeral profession, have concluded that Nurses literally shine in the public’s ethics opinion and Bankers have fallen from ethical grace in a big way – surprise of surprises.

Anyway here are the top ethical careers for 2008, in rank order:

1.      Nurses

2.      Pharmacists

3.      High School teachers

4.      Medical doctors

5.      Police officers

6.      Clergy

7.      Funeral Directors

8.      Accountants

Here are the bottom ethical careers for 2008, in rank order:

1.    Labor union leaders

2.    Lawyers

3.    Business Executives/Bankers

4.    Advertising executives

5.    Stockbrokers

6.    Congressmen

7.    Car salespeople

8.    Telemarketers

9.     Lobbyists

Not surprisingly the career of “Anti-Funeral Muckraker” made neither list.  Could it be that Archie and Edith Bunker are really not interested in the least concerning the anti-funeral career people?  Might be possible, and just might be probable, anyway the Gallup Poll indicates this.

Anyway that is one old undertaker’s opinion.  TVB


Thank you for the posting. I am, like so many, proud to be part of such a well respected group of professionals.

First of all, who is this writing in the name of Todd? Todd doesn't have a cell phone, doesn't use e-mail and his watch still has a stem on the side for winding!

I love the post Todd (or whoever you are) but Lisa Carlson exists only because the public wants her to exist. We as a profession might work 2.3 million times a year to keep the public's trust but you and I and everyone else in this profession know some of the stupid things the members do to bring a pale light to themselves, which allows Carlson and Slocum and others to exist.

But that's just one Pencil Sucking Geek's opinion. Dan Isard

...actually I think Todd forwards his essays to Susan for posting. I may be wrong and he may have mastered the blog interface, I would not put it past him, the man was born to blog. -- Joe Budzinski

Todd Van Beck has given us a substandard blog post by calling Funeral Directors Ethical. "HE HAS MASTERED NO BLOG INTERFACE"

Firstly the Gallup survey was done before the exposure of the 1 Billion Dollar National Prearranged Services Scandal and the 100+ million Dollar IFDA Preneed Trust Scandal where money was taken from Funeral Directors and Funeral Consumers

Secondly no American individual or couple alive today would count it a complement to be called ARCHIE and EDITH BUNKER.

Thirdly There is a legitimate place in the Funeral Industry and for Funeral Directors to speak up for the Funeral Consumer.

Congrats Mr. Beck Your Blog and Website has made into the top ten anti funeral consumer websites on the internet.

Your Funeral Guy Funeral Director, Illinois and Virginia