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The View from Mars - The Presidential Race So Far

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Why We Vote

[Note: This essay is one in a continuing series by ICCFA executive director Bob Fells focusing on various issues in our federal government. Although the subjects are political in nature, the approach is bipartisan in outlook, at least so far as that is humanly possible. The goal of each essay is not to persuade the reader to adopt a particular political viewpoint or party, but to illustrate why a knowledge of the system is important to protect our businesses, our homes, and our families.]

The View from Mars - The Presidential Race So Far

This is an odd year – I mean numerically although the case can be made in other respects too – because election politics usually take a back seat until an even-numbered year rolls around. And even then, the focus doesn’t intensify until after Labor Day. Not so in 2015.

The last time I counted, there are seventeen declared candidates for the Republican Party nomination for President. Over at the Democrat Party there are two. One is a registered Socialist and the other person is someone known to all as Hillary, or maybe that’s Billary.

If I were living on Mars and could observe the current status of the Presidential race from that distance, certain aspects of the campaign might look differently to me. First, there’s a great deal of hub-bub about this Hillary person and the primitive system of email those creatures use. It seems that this person failed to secure the zillions of emails that she sent around during her tenure as something called “Secretary of State.” The exact state that she was secretary of is never made clear, then it turns out that she was representing the USA, which isn’t a state at all. Regardless, there is currently a great deal of trouble being made about these emails because they were stored and transmitted so carelessly that any foe of the USA could intercept them and presumably learn deep, dark secrets that, if known by such foes, could prove injurious to the USA and its people, or at least its politicians.

Even I recognize that this is serious business. But haven’t several “highly secured” data bases of the federal government already been hacked and extremely sensitive information, personal and political, already been accessed in detail by foreign powers? I wish that we here on Mars could share our far more advanced technology with the USA government. If we could, they would know that the ready accessibility of the Hillary emails, and the sheer volume of them, convinced the foreign powers that they must be bogus and intended to mislead them. So all those emails no matter what they contained were ignored.

Then there’s a person they call Trump, or more puzzling, “The Donald.” He apparently has more personal wealth than many nations on Planet Earth and, unusual for any politician there, he tells people he doesn’t want their money. No wonder he is looked upon with great suspicion by the professional career politicians. Yet as far as I can tell from this distance, the same people who seem to dislike him so much are being very helpful to his campaign to be USA President.

For example, they say that he’s “not a real Republican” and he has given more donations to the Democratic Party than to the Republican Party. Don’t they realize how much those claims increase Trump’s popularity? I’m thinking there might be a secret plot by all of The Donald’s so-called “opponents” to get him elected President. I mean, what other explanation could make sense of their statements about him?

Most puzzling is the candidate named Bush. I thought he already had been President. Then I realized that it was his brother. Then somebody told me that it was Bush’s father who had been President. I tried to correct this person but on further examination it turned out that both the father and the brother of this Bush person were Presidents. Perhaps this current Bush, whose first name is Jeb, or is it Jed or maybe Jet, thinks that the Presidency is something he is supposed to inherit. More troubling, there seem to be a lot of people in the USA who believe that too.

I could go on but I’m giving myself a headache. Currently, I am trying to figure out one of the more interesting candidates who, like Trump, is not a professional politician. This person’s name is Carly Fiorina and she is quite articulate and intelligent. My concern is that she was fired as the head of a major corporation, Hewlett-Packard, so many people say she must be qualified to be President. Clearly, I need to do more research.


Industry News 8.17.2015

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Owners & Managers: Learn to create new markets, lead through change and engage employees. ICCFA 2015 Fall Management Conference & Golf Tournament: Sept. 30 in Tucson, AZ. Click here to learn more and sign up today.

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Industry News 8.10.2015

Rick Platter's picture

Owners & Managers: Learn to create new markets, lead through change and engage employees. ICCFA 2015 Fall Management Conference & Golf Tournament: Sept. 30 in Tucson, AZ. Click here to learn more and sign up today.


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