Introductory Supplier-Professional Membership

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Open to any individual, firm or corporation supplying any materials or services used by a regular member, or offering or providing professional services such as accounting, architectural, legal and others to regular members. An introductory first-year, non-voting membership is $245. Membership is $395 per year after that.

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Suppliers also need to complete the Supplier Category form letting ICCFA know which four categories you would like to listed under in our directories.

Price: $245.00
This requires an additional $100 annual membership fee. You must be Jewish and serve the Jewish community to join. ***PLEASE NOTE: SUPPLIERS MAY NOT BE MEMBERS AT THIS TIME.***
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FOR SUPPLIERS ONLY: Please choose up to 10 categories that you would like your company to be listed under in our Buyer's Guide and online Web Expo.
Please let us know who referred you to, or where you learned about, ICCFA.


My company is Twinwood Mortuary Service, Inc. in Houston TX. We would like to become Supplier Members. However, as a Mortuary Service, I do not see a single category that we fit into. No category for: embalming, wholesale embalming, commercial embalming, embalming service, mortuary service, removals and embalming, ship-out service, mortuary transport service. Any suggestions?
Todd Liem

Hi Todd - Thaks for your email. As a mortuary service you would join ICCFA as a Supplier/Professional, and then select the category of "preservation services."

Kirsten Kase, ICCFA