Barbara Milton: Recruiting: Building the Team of Tomorrow [audio]

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Seminar: "Recruiting: Building the Team of Tomorrow"
From the 2011 ICCFA Annual Convention
Finding staff who are passionate about our industry can be a challenge, but it is perhaps the most critical component to building a bright future.
The Buchanan Group in Indianapolis, Indiana, has begun partnering with local educational centers to develop and nurture potential talent. Through efforts such as sports endorsements, field-trip sponsorships and event assistance for scholarship fundraisers, the company has reached out to local youth and the community to improve the image of the industry and present itself as an attractive choice for career development.
Discover ways your cemetery or funeral home can broaden your definition of "recruitment" through investments as simple as providing meeting event space, getting involved in career days, offering internships, helping with interviewing projects, mentoring and serving on local educational boards.
Barb Milton is vice president of community relations for the Buchanan Group, Indianapolis, Indiana. Her background expands all levels of the industry and includes positions as a licensed preneed family counselor, cemetery manager, certified celebrant, certified cremationist, as well as a minister of bereavement.

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