Coleen Ellis, CPLP: Sales: It's Not a Dirty Word [audio]

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Seminar: "Sales: It's Not a Dirty Word"
From the 2012 ICCFA Annual Convention

You say you're not a salesperson? You say you don't even like salespeople? Well, guess what? You're one of them!

No light bulb gets turned on in any business in the world without a sale being made. In this session, Coleen Ellis will share how looking at sales as "education" will allow you to view the process in an incredibly positive light. You'll learn techniques for selling to both sides of your business—veterinarians as well as families. You'll walk away from this session telling the world you love sales.

Coleen Ellis, CPLP, is founder and president of Two Hearts Pet Loss Center in Greenwood, Indiana, and is co-chair of the PLPA. She holds a Death & Grief Studies Certification with a specialty in Pet Loss Companioning. 


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