Ken Gronbach: How to Profit From the Demographic Storm [DVD video and book package]

Seminar: "How to Profit From the Demographic Storm"
Book: "The Age Curve"
Both from ICCFA 2010 Annual Convention & Expo Keynote Speaker Ken Gronbach
Why did motorcycle sales plummet in the 1990s, why was the iPod a home run and why will retirement communities as we know them fade away? Following decades of observation of the shifting fortunes of various industries, Ken Gronbach has discovered a measurable phenomenon that is barely understood yet integral to the changing business landscape—and which every manager or business owner ignores at their peril.
Generational marketing, based on the rise and fall of populations, is relevant to no industry more than ours. Applying his model to our products and services, Ken will analyze our present and future through the lens of shifting demographics. His findings will inform not only what you need to do next in your market, but how your business needs to evolve if it is going to survive. Learn more about Ken Gronbach at

Ken's Powerpoint/video presentation is included in the video.

Price: $2.00