Lindsay Eagan and Meagan Eagan: How to Become the Funeral Home for Veterans [audio]

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Seminar: "How to Become the Funeral Home for Veterans"
From the 2012 ICCFA Annual Convention

There are more than 22 million military veterans living in the United States today, and 64 percent of them are over the age of 55. Join Lindsay and Meagan Eagan as they explore how to best reach and serve this population through:

• using market segmentation
• adopting strategies to ensure all veterans are made aware of and receive their entitled benefits
• recording memoirs and preserving the legacy of veterans in the community.

Most important, you will take away essential tactics for ensuring the veterans in your community are honored and remembered as the heroes they are.

Lindsay Eagan has worked in the marketing department at Preneed Funeral Program (PFP), Metairie, Louisiana, for two years. Previously, she worked at PFP part-time as a creative development marketing assistant. She studied at New York University and received a bachelor's degree in mass communication in 2009 from Louisiana State University, and she holds a Class C insurance license. Lindsay has published several articles on preneed topics in American Funeral Director.

Meagan Eagan joined PFP in 2010 and has been working in the marketing department as well as in customer relations. She holds a Class C insurance license and was trained in preneed sales in North Carolina, Virginia and Louisiana. She received a bachelor's degree in kinesiology in 2008 from Louisiana State University.

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