Marcia Williams: A Bright Future For Endowment Care Trusts [audio]

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Seminar: "A Bright Future For Endowment Care Trusts"
From the 2011 ICCFA Annual Convention

We are all familiar with the regulatory requirements for endowment care trusting, but it is important to remember that there is a business reason for it as well: maintenance of the property once it is fully sold. In this session, Marcia Williams will explore the differences between regulatory and business requirements for trusting levels and will offer expertise on how best to address the business needs through:

  • investment structure
  • trusting additional amounts
  • reserving additional funds
  • state legislative activities

Marcia Williams is founder and president of Independence Trust Company, Franklin, Tennessee. A chartered financial analyst, she serves on the ICCFA Government and Legal Affairs Committee and has served as supplier representative to the board of the Cemetery Association of Tennessee. She sits on City of Franklin pension and investment board and on the board of Heifer International Foundation, and she is a past president of the Nashville Society of Financial Analysts.



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