Mark Fisher: Waterless Embalming [audio]

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Seminar: "Waterless Embalming"
From the 2011 ICCFA Annual Convention

Waterless embalming may be one of the most controversial topics in embalming. Those who use the technique swear by it, but most remain skeptical.

Waterless embalming is merely a technique, and we as professionals must realize that just as we have adapted certain techniques for jaundice, edema, trauma, decomposition and even the "typical" case, we can turn to waterless embalming as another method for doing our jobs.

In this session, Mark Fisher will discuss the advantages and challenges presented by waterless embalming, including:

  • three distinct waterless solutions to consider based on careful pre-case analyses
  • the formaldehyde effect on protein
  • modern drug interactions to watch for 
  • issues to consider when there are delay times between embalming and interment

Mark Fisher is owner and president of the M.E. Fisher Funeral Home, Newport News, Virginia. He currently is serving his second term on the Science Examination Committee of the International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards.


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