Mark Groeneman: Turning Your Assassins into Advocates [audio]

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Seminar: "Turning Your Assassins into Advocates"
From the 2012 ICCFA Annual Convention

Customer complaints: Are they an annoyance or an opportunity?  With the rise of social media, assassins now have more opportunity than ever to target your reputation and take down your market share. Even worse, you may not even be aware of the carnage. 

In this session, you'll discover the unique opportunities your business encounters each and every day when dealing with customer complaints. What motivates complaints? Do your customers have reasonable or unreasonable demands? How can you reach win-win solutions? How do you prevent small problems from becoming bigger problems?

Positioned with some real-life experiences from funeral home and cemetery customer satisfaction surveys, this session will provide a simple yet effective approach for turning your "problem customers” into your cheerleaders, and it will show you how to position your best asset—your frontline employees—into a partnership with you to convert potential assassins into advocates. 

Mark Groeneman is a principal of Graystone Associates Inc. in Marlborough, Massachusetts, which provides consulting and training services to more than 80 market-leading family-owned funeral and cemetery businesses. Groeneman manages Graystone's field training and training development teams and advises clients regarding strategic planning, operations management, customer service enhancement, staff evaluation, staff development and motivation. He holds an MBA from the University of Dallas at Irving and a bachelor's degree from Oklahoma State University.

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