Michael Bohner: Make Your Business ROCK [audio]

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Seminar: "Make Your Business ROCK"
From the 2011 ICCFA Annual Convention
Michael Bohner will walk you through a simple yet comprehensive four-step approach to your business model that involves your entire team and puts them all on the same page:
Revenue Increase – Those things that directly affect the bottom line.  What are the things that create revenue at your location?  How can you increase your revenue stream?
Operational Efficiency – Can you streamline processes? eliminate redundancies? By taking an objective look at how you do things and incorporating everyone's viewpoint, you may discover several areas that need attention.
Culture Building – Ask yourself and your team: Who are we? Who do we want to be?  Often you'll come up with two completely different answers. How can you clearly communicate both internally and externally who you are and what you are all about?
Knowledge – Training is one of the most important tools for any organization, yet it is often one of the most neglected. By identifying needs within your organization, you can develop a targeted training program that addresses those specific issues and you can schedule your training so that it is systematic, with measurable results. Knowledge is power.
Michael Bohner is general manager of Serenity Meadows Memorial Park, Funeral Home and Crematory, Riverview, Florida. Prior to becoming involved in the cemetery and funeral service profession, he served as vice president/general manager for one of the largest independent jewelers in the eastern United States. He helped develop training programs and was a sought-after speaker for the Luxury Jewelers Resource Group, the Jewelers Association of America and many local retailers and associations.

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