Paul Seyler: Building a Funeral Service Experience That Will Build Your Business [audio]

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Seminar: "Building a Funeral Service Experience That  Will Build Your Business"
From the 2011 ICCFA Annual Convention
Think of your firm's typical funeral or cemetery service. How many family members visit your office to plan and execute the services? How many guests attend? 
Chances are the latter number is much higher than the former. Yet we as service providers concentrate almost exclusively on assisting the family, with little regard to the experience we create for the guests. Most death care businesses succeed or fail based on the quality of the service experience they provide. Unfortunately, most under-design, under-manage and underachieve in this area. 
Paul Seyler will identify strategies you can use to increase the number of quality "touch points" you have with guests, based on the proven approaches of service giants such as Disney, Olive Garden, Starwood Hotels and others. Specifically, you will learn:
  • the principles that successful "experience" businesses use to build their powerful brands 
  • how to use people, place and process as tools to create service experiences 
  • how to divide the funeral experience into bite-size pieces that are easier to design and deliver 
  • how to avoid common mistakes funerals and cemeteries make in implementing these ideas 
Paul Seyler is president of Competitive Resources Inc., a marketing firm based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Prior to forming Competitive Resources, Paul spent 10 years in marketing and strategic planning with firms in real estate and financial services. He speaks regularly to industry groups across North America on a broad range of marketing, strategy and innovation issues. 
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