Poul Lemasters: The Case of the Botched Cremation [audio]

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Seminar: "The Case of the Botched Cremation"
Moderated by Poul Lemasters, Esq.
From the 2012 ICCFA Annual Convention
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The wrong body has been cremated and everyone is a suspect: the cemetery, the funeral home and of course, the crematory.

Listen to this mock trial in which people from outside the profession sit as jurors to hear the case. Did the defendants have the proper procedures in place? If so, did they follow those procedures? What went wrong, and how could this have been avoided?

You'll hear the evidence on both sides, and then you'll find out what our panelists think – including the trial participants and the jurors. Will the jury convict one or more of the companies involved? How much will they award the family for damages?

Poul Lemasters (plaintiffs' attorney) is principal at Lemasters Consulting in Cincinnati, Ohio and is a coach with the ICCFA Cremation Coaching Center at www.cremationcoach.com.

Don Ferfolia (defense attorney) is principal at Donald B. Ferfolia Jr. Ltd., Northfield, Ohio. 

Christine Toson Hentges (plaintiff) is vice president of cemeteries for The Tribute Companies, Hartland, Wisconsin.

Gary Freytag (funeral home owner) is president and chief executive officer of the Spring Grove family of companies.

April Remedies (cemetery owner) is general manager at Forest Park Cemetery-East in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Corey Gaffney (crematory owner) is general manager of Gaffney Funeral Home in Tacoma, Washington.

Paul Elvig (expert for the plaintiffs) is a consultant with Evergreen-Washelli Cemetery and Funeral Home, Seattle, Washington.

James R. Starks, CFuE, CCrE (expert for the defense) is owner of J. Starks Consulting, Lutz, Florida.

Julie A. Burn, CCrE, CSE, (judge) is director of cremation services for the ICCFA.


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