Poul Lemasters, moderator: Alkaline Hydrolysis Summit [audio]

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Seminar: "Alkaline Hydrolysis Summit"
From the 2011 ICCFA Annual Convention
Sometimes referred to as "resomation," "water resolution" or "water cremation," alkaline hydrolysis is a form of disposition that has begun to receive a great deal of attention within the industry and in the mass media. Join Poul Lemasters and a panel of stakeholders as they explore the issue of alkaline hydrolysis and its potential future impact on your business. Among the questions to be discussed and debated:
  • What is alkaline hydrolysis and how does it work?
  • Is alkaline hydrolysis "the next big thing"? Is it a game changer for our industry?
  • What are the potential costs and benefits of offering alkaline hydrolysis at your cemetery, funeral home or crematory?
  • How are state legislatures and cemetery and funeral service boards handling laws and regulations surrounding this topic?
  • What are the public relations challenges regarding alkaline hydrolysis and how can those best be handled both at local and global levels?
  • What is the best way to market this disposition option if you choose to offer it? What is the best way to compete against cemeteries and funeral homes that offer it if you choose not to?
  • Is the industry in danger of allowing this method of disposition to devalue the importance of tribute and memorialization, and if so, how can we educate the consumer to avoid that?

The panel is moderated by ICCFA Cremation Coach Poul Lemasters, president of Lemasters Consulting, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Panelists include Mark Matthews, president of the Cremation Association of North America and president of Wiefels Cremation & Funeral Services, Palm Springs, California; Ed Gazvoda, owner of CycledLife, Lafayette, Colorado; Bradley Carlson, president of Evergreen Memorial Cemetery, Funeral Chapel & Crematory, Vancouver, Washington; Steve Schaal, president of the North America Region for Matthews International, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Larry Stuart Jr., president of Crematory Manufacturing & Service, Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Russ Cooper, director of business development, Water Resolution, Brownsburg, Indiana. 

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