Robin Heppell, CFSP: 5 Ways to Win Online Shoppers [audio]

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Seminar: "5 Ways to Win Online Shoppers"
From the 2012 ICCFA Annual Convention

We've heard a lot about how to win phone shoppers who call to inquire about prices for funerals and cremation, but for many of these consumers, the telephone is no longer the first step in their research process. Today, the web is where education and relationships start.

In this session, Rob Heppell will reveal the five key elements to win price shoppers online: 

• the words people are using to shop for cemeteries and funeral homes
• how to properly display your prices on your website
• how online video gets your firm found faster and builds the relationship more quickly
• email: the most overlooked and powerful way to win price shoppers
• how to cherry-pick online shoppers with Google AdWords

Rob will share case studies and will provide all who attend this session with a 10-page booklet offering sample templates and worksheets.

Rob Heppell is founder of, Victoria, British Columbia. A fourth-generation funeral director, he is a consultant specializing in technology issues. His websites are and


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