Tom DeGrace: Cemetery Infrastructure: Building a Strong Foundation for Business [audio]

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Seminar: "Cemetery Infrastructure: Building a Strong Foundation for Business"
From the 2011 ICCFA Annual Convention
For cemeteries, business begins with the grounds. Without an attractive and functional property, you have no sales and thus no opportunity for service.
In this session, cemetery developer Tom DeGrace will examine cemetery infrastructure and the issues that most affect your ability to maintain and manage a successful operation. Using photos from existing cemeteries, he'll provide examples of good and poor conditions and offer expertise on how to prevent and correct potential problems. Among the elements to be discussed:
  • drainage
  • roads
  • maintenance areas
  • water features
  • dams
  • dirt disposal
  • vegetation
  • garden mapping and pinning
Tom DeGrace, PE, PP, is market segment manager for Prime Engineering, Atlanta, Georgia. He has 25 years of experience managing survey programs, due diligence appraisals, site master planning, erosion control programs and other land development projects. He specializes in civil design on behalf of cemetery developers and has managed cemetery development for both independent and corporate-owned cemeteries throughout the southeast.

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