Rockin' Out at the ICCFA Convention

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ICCFA 2011 Convention speaker Juliet Funt, who talked about the importance of "white space" (unscheduled time) and how to get more of it in your life, ended her fun and informative presentation with a short "anthem," with the help of ICCFA members Mark Krause and Doug Gober (on loan from the Cryptones), Mike Hays and Nicole Weideman.

The audience loved it, and so will you. It's a 2-minute picker-upper (click on the pic to listen):

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'Night, All

And now for one last session at the dining room table .... I am, finally, going to kill off my very long-held ICCFA email address in a few hours. It will be weird, because I have been “joeb” - @iccfa.com and @icfa.org before that - for almost 15 years. This event is what actually occasioned writing this last blog post. An email address really becomes a marker of identity in the modern age. For those of you who want to stay in touch and don't already know: I do write elsewhere on the Web.

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Matt Grieco "Dancing With Our Stars" Charity Fundraiser Event

Linda and I took a little detour tonight to Longwood Gardens and what did we find but good friend Matt Grieco, on the dance floor, bringing it to the house.

[UPDATE: A much better quality version is now up on Matt's Facebook page.]

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