Certified Executive Program

The International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association has designed certification programs to recognize those persons who have attained the highest level of achievement within the funeral service and memorialization industry. See a list of those professionals with certifications here. You must be a member in good standing to apply for, and to retain, your certification. All awardees beginning in 2010 and forward must submit for renewal of their certification every five (5) years. The ICCFA awards the following certifications: 

Certified Cemetery Executive
Awarded to individuals who have attained the highest level of cemetery management.
Certified Cemetery Funeral Executive
Recognizes professionals extremely knowledgeable in funeral and burial arrangements.

Certified Cremation Executive
Experts in the biggest growth sector of our industry-cremation-may receive this designation.

Certified Funeral Executive
Funeral directors with a vast array of experience in funeral service are encouraged to apply.

Certified Pet Loss Professional
Recognizes leaders in the rapidly-expanding funeral, memorial and grief support world of pet loss services.

Certified Supplier Executive
Suppliers who know both the sales and service sides of the industry may apply for this certification.



The ICCFA Certification Subcommittee meets twice a year, at the ICCFA Annual Convention and Fall Management Conference, to consider applications. The PLPA Education Committee follows a similar schedule.

Tip: Even if you do not have the number of credits required for certification, use the application as a guide of how to accrue enough credits to earn your certification.



ICCFA also offers THREE cremation certification programs:

  • Crematory OPERATOR Certification
  • Cremation ARRANGER Certification
  • Crematory ADMINISTRATOR Certification

These programs are held several times throughout the year. Usually, one of the three programs is given every quarter. The only place to complete all three at once is in the College of Cremation Services at ICCFA University. If you earn all three, you will possess the knowledge to:

  • operate a crematory retort properly and effectively
  • limit the liability for you and your company
  • better serve and satisfy families
  • assure families that they are in the hands of a cremation specialist 
  • improve productivity and profitability

Learn more about upcoming cremation training by clicking here.




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