Cremation Certifications

The ICCFA cremation certification program has been offered since 2007 as part of the ICCFA University’s College of Cremation Services. It is open to employees of all cemeteries, funeral homes, crematories and related businesses. Students completing this program will receive three certification designations:

  • ICCFA Certified Crematory Operator: Currently required for crematory licensure in a number of states, this program is provided in concert with Matthews Cremation Division and covers all aspects of crematory operation and maintenance. A 12-chapter Operations Manual is provided. 6 hours CE.
  • ICCFA Certified Crematory Administrator: This certification covers the business and liability aspects of providing cremation services. Instructors for this segment include a nationally renowned attorney and authority on cremation liability; a compliance officer from a multi-ownership corporation; a nationally recognized accounting specialist; and an expert in zoning, environmental and equipment installation issues. 6 hours CE.
  • ICCFA Certified Cremation Arranger: This segment will provide education in understanding cremation consumers, how to arrange and create meaningful tribute services, how to create unique options for memorialization and how best to communicate all of this with cremation consumers. The instructors for this segment have proven track records and real-world experience. 8.5 hours CE.

In addition to the classes provided within the three segments, students will participate in a closing summary discussion of lessons learned, for an additional 4.5 CE credits.

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