2005 KIP Award Winners

Most Personalized Service or Memorial

First Place and Grand Prize Winner
St. Michael's Cemetery
East Elmhurst, New York
Edward Horn, director of sales, marketing and community relations
St. Michael's Cemetery created a memorial for the Queen's firefighters who died on 9/11. Inscribed with Memory Medallions containing the stories and photos of all those listed, the memorial is a tribute to the lives of the firefighters lost on that day. With the push of a button, visitors to the memorial can see photos of their loved ones and their personal histories.

Honorable Mentions
Anderson McQueen Funeral and Cremation Centers
St. Petersburg, Florida
William McQueen, president
Anderson McQueen Funeral and Cremation Centers provided a personalized service for Dr. David K. Davis by incorporating all aspects of his life: banker, investor, aviator, golfer, Mr. Fix-it, artist, dad and husband. They created a gallery of Dr. Davis's life by removing all furniture from the chapel and replacing it with many of his items of memorabilia, including his golf cart, oil paints, tools, uniforms and other items.

Bronleewe Inc., Oregon Memorials
Hillsboro, Oregon
Hibiki Miyazaki
Artist Hibiki Miyazaki created two beautiful memorials that tied for honorable mention. The first memorial was designed for a couple's young daughter, Brittany, and was a replica of a needlepoint project she and her mother created together, depicting an angel with a flowing gown reaching her hand out to a girl. Miyazaki straightened the girl's hair to look more like Brittany's and placed the two figures on the edge of Heaven, with the angel leading her there.
The second memorial is a diamond-etched pictorial narrative of a young man's life, using family photos as a guide. On the center of the memorial is the scene of Cory fishing at his favorite spot. On either side are pictures of him with the first and last deer he had caught and the dates.

Magic Moment

First Place
Eternal Hills
Klamath Falls, Oregon
Tim Lancaster, CCFE, executive vice president
Eternal Hills Memorial Gardens, Funeral Home and Crematory offers a Twilight Service to families at no extra charge to better meet the needs of the community. The company created three teams of staff which include a unit manager, two family service counselors, two grounds staff and one or two office staff operating on rotating shifts. The Twilight Service allows everyone to attend the service without financial penalty or disruption of work.

Honorable Mentions

Krause Funeral Homes and Cremation Services
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Mark Krause, owner
and MKJ Marketing
Largo, Florida
Marilyn Jones Gould, President
Krause Funeral Homes saw a need in the community for a facility to hold funeral receptions and built a room for this purpose at each of its locations. With the help of MKJ marketing, Krause created brochures to showcase its offerings. The firm has found that families appreciate the convenience and value of having the service and the reception at one location.

Nelsen Funeral Homes-Loving Pet Crematory
Richmond, Virginia
Blair Nelsen, president
and MKJ Marketing
Largo, Florida
Marilyn Jones Gould, President
Nelsen Funeral Homes and Loving Pets Crematory and MKJ Marketing created an online Memorial Candle program allowing families to post candles and write special tributes to their pets. Each family that is served receives a notification informing them that a candle has been placed for their pet at www.lovingpetscrematory.com.

Pinelawn Memorial Park
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Carolyn Schroeder, office manager
Pinelawn Memorial Park developed a "Garden of Angels" section for individual infant burials for families who have lost fetuses under 20 weeks. In this section, families can bury their baby at little cost to them. Pinelawn also has created a "Little Angels Fund" to help families ease the burden of purchasing something significant in memory of their infant such as a memorial, tree of remembrance, etc.


First Place
Montelena Complejo Funerario
Antiguo Cuscatlán, La Libertad, El Salvador, Central America
José Alberto Samayoa Rivas, executive director
Montelena Complejo Funerario held an outdoor mass following the death of Pope John Paul II with over 2,000 people in attendance. The service included giant screens with a photographic presentation in the Pope's memory. The company offered free copies of the presentation to anyone who requested it. Balloons, paper flags and bookmarks were given away at the event.

Honorable Mentions
White Haven Memorial Park
Pittsford, New York
Andrea Vittum, CCE, president
White Haven Memorial Park provides unique quarterly remembrance services for the recently bereaved. Years ago, the cemetery started offering a holiday memorial service with music and poetry. It was so popular that it now offers these services on a quarterly basis, with approximately 250 people attending each event.

Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery
Kelowna, British Columbia
Dennis Radford, CCE, cemetery manager
As part of Kelowna's centennial celebrations, the cemetery implemented a community-based program, "Marking our Past - 100 Markers for 100 Years," to install markers on 100 of the 700 unmarked graves in its pioneer section.

Innovative Personalized Product

First Place Winner
Funeria LLC
Graton, California
Maureen Lomasney, president
"Offerings" by Funeria provides families with a beautiful artifact of their loved one's hands crafted in fine silver which can be used as a scattering vessel and passed down from generation to generation.

Honorable Mentions

Atlanta, Georgia
Tom Barnard, vice president, development
and MKJ Marketing
Largo, Florida
Marilyn Jones Gould, President
Assurant introduced a memory booth for funeral homes called Remembrances, which allows friends and family of the deceased to record thoughts or stories of their loved one during the visitation. The video can be turned around in 24 hours to be shown at the funeral or memorial service.

Candle Perfection
Scottsdale, Arizona
Phyllis James, owner
Candle Perfection's 'Light of Life' Candle Cremation Urn and Keepsafes features a memorial candle that rests atop the urn base and never melts or changes shape. It is a beautiful permanent candle attached to a compartment that can hold a symbolic amount of ashes or a small cherished item.