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Welcome to the ICCFA Cremation Central "Tools" page. Whether you operate your own crematory or use a third-party provider, you'll find here the sample procedures, contracts and forms you need to properly serve families who choose cremation.

NEW... For Members Only! More = More - ICCFA’s College of Cremation Services Instructor David Nixon examines how providing more cremations services and charging for them will enable you to address the low-price provider in your market.

NEW... For Members Only! Cremation Best Practices White Paper This document was created to help funeral homes and cemeteries learn how cremation can be the answer to a better future in funeral service. Edited by Julie A. Burn, CCrE, CSE, the document offers specific best practices contributed by some of the most successful cremation professionals in the industry.

NEW... For Members Only! 
Inspection Checklist When Using a Third-Party Crematory ICCFA coach and College of Cremation Services instructor, Ron Salvatore, has developed a checklist for funeral professionals utilizing third party crematories. The checklist is a must to avoid any possible liability!

10 Things You SHOULD Include in Your Cremation Policy & Procedure Manual
- ICCFA's cremation counsel, cremation coach and College of Cremation Services professor Poul Lemasters' list of necessary items to be included in a Cremation Policy & Procedure Manual. Make sure your manual includes all of the components and make sure you and your staff follow it.

Direct Cremation Break-Even Analysis
- ICCFA's College of Cremation Services Professor David Nixon has developed an analysis for those who wonder what will happen if a firm raises their cremation charge. Will they lose calls with a higher charge? See how one funeral home could lose 50% of its calls and still break-even.
10 Point Identification Verification Check for Cremation - ICCFA's College of Cremation Services Dean Jim Starks has compiled a list of necessary identification steps when handling a cremation. Avoid lawsuits... do it the right way!
Power-FULL Questions for the Arrangement Conference - ICCFA's College of Cremation Services Professor Mike Kubasak shares proven questions that will get client families talking during the arrangement conference.

Questions, Objections: What Would You Do? - Many times families may not know or fully understand what takes place when they choose cremation for a loved one. To assist arrangers in effectively communicating with cremation families during the arrangement conference, the ICCFA has compiled a list of common questions and objections along with suggested responses.

ICCFA Cremation Guidelines - Guidelines published by the ICCFA to foster voluntary professional standards of care and consideration in administering and operating cremation services.

For Members Only! - Model Cremation Authorization Form - Users should modify the form to comply with the legal requirements in their respective states. Click here to download the form in our Forms section.

Recommended Procedures for Handling Human Remains for Cremation by Mortaries, Cemeteries and Crematories - A uniform set of procedures developed to serve as a guide for the disposition of remains for cremation. (Complements the ICCFA Cremation Guidelines.)

Due Diligence for Funeral Homes Utilizing Third Party Crematories - A four-step due diligence process through which funeral homes can undertake the steps needed to protect the families they serve and to reduce their own potential liability. This process was developed as a cooperative effort of the ICCFA, the Cremation Association of North America, and the National Funeral Directors Association.

Sample Contracts with Third-Party Crematories - A set of model contracts for funeral homes and cemeteries to use in contracting with third-party providers.

Cremation-Related Model Guidelines for State Laws and Regulations - The ICCFA Government and Legal Affairs Committee has developed a set of 28 model guidelines for state laws and regulations, one of which relates specifically to the cremation process: "Handling Of Human Remains In Conjunction With The Cremation Process."

TSA Rules for Transporting Urns as Carry-On Luggage - The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in 2004 implemented specific rules for transporting urns as carry-on luggage, requiring that urns must pass successfully through the x-ray machine. This page offers details and advice on these rules for cemeteries, funeral homes and suppliers.