Due Diligence for Funeral Homes Using Third-Party Crematories: Step Four

Due Diligence for Funeral Homes Utilizing Third Party Crematories

Step Four: Crematory Inspection

The final step in the crematory due diligence process is to conduct an unannounced inspection of the crematory during business hours. The unannounced inspection should be conducted at least once a year. If the crematory refuses to permit the inspection, it is strongly recommended that the funeral home switch its business to another crematory.

Funeral home personnel conducting the inspection should use a checklist to document their findings (see "sample_inspection_checklist.pdf" at the bottom of this page).If any problems are observed during the inspection, funeral home personnel should note it on the Checklist, raise those concerns in writing to the management of the crematory and make sure that the problem is remedied.

A new Checklist should be filled out for each inspection. As with all other documents, maintain a permanent copy of each Crematory Inspection Checklist in the cemetery due diligence file.

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