Due Diligence for Funeral Homes Using Third-Party Crematories: Step Three

Due Diligence for Funeral Homes Utilizing Third Party Crematories

Step Three: Crematory Interview

The third step of crematory due diligence is to interview the management of the crematory to obtain information on its personnel, facilities and operations. A list of sample interview questions have been prepared that probes each of these three areas (see "crematory_interview_questions.pdf" at the bottom of this page). Funeral homes should feel free to supplement these questions with their own inquiries.

Prior to conducting the interview, the funeral home should call for an appointment so that the crematory manager is available and has set aside sufficient time for the interview. Funeral home personnel conducting the interview should take written notes of the responses to the questions. If any response is unsatisfactory or raises concerns, address it with the crematory manager immediately. For example, if the funeral home personnel believe that the crematory’s system for ensuring proper identification of a body is insufficient, discuss it with the crematory manager and obtain written assurances that your concerns will be addressed.

If after returning to the funeral home and reviewing the responses to the questions, the funeral home still has concerns regarding the crematory, list those concerns in writing and send them to the crematory manager. In addition, if the funeral home believes it needs further information, send a written request to the crematory listing the follow up questions. If the crematory does not respond in a timely manner, the funeral home can either contact crematory management again or decide not to use the crematory.

Make sure that the cremation interview sheet with your written notes, any followup inquiries, and all responses from the crematory are maintained in the permanent due diligence file on the crematory.

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