Due Diligence for Funeral Homes Using Third-Party Crematories: Step Two

Due Diligence for Funeral Homes Utilizing Third Party Crematories

Step Two: Crematory Records Request

One important aspect of due diligence is a review of the licenses and operational records of the crematory. A crematory should be willing to provide copies of its licenses and applicable operational records to each funeral home it serves. A refusal by the crematory to provide the records when requested should be regarded as a red flag to the funeral home.

Funeral homes can download a records request form (see "crematory_records_request_form.pdf" at the bottom of this page). If the crematory does not send the requested records or makes an incomplete response, the funeral home should follow up with the crematory to obtain the records.

Once the records are received, review them to see that the crematory has proper authorization under state law, has trained its operators, has adopted comprehensive operational procedures, maintained sufficient liability insurance, and utilizes appropriate authorization forms. If you see a deficiency, raise it with the crematory and have it addressed to your satisfaction. If it is not, use another crematory.

All records obtained from the crematory should be maintained in the due diligence file that the funeral home keeps on each crematory. In the file, the funeral home should maintain a log showing when the records were requested, received, and reviewed, and, if any deficiencies were detected, when they were brought to the crematory's attention and when the matter was resolved.

The records request should be updated at least once a year.

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