Model Cremation Authorization Form

The ICCFA has developed a Model Cremation Authorization Form, which you can modify to comply with the legal requirements of your state (see "model_authorization_form.doc" at the bottom of the page).

The three-page, double-sided form includes nine sections:

  1. Deceased Information
  2. Funeral Home and Crematory
  3. Cremation Container and Urn
  4. Multiple Cremations, Witness, Service and Time
  5. Authorization
  6. Final Disposition
  7. Certification and Indemnification
  8. Certificate by Funeral Home Upon Transfer of Decedent's Remains to Crematory
  9. Receipt of Cremated Remains



This truly is an awful tool. I've wasted two print jobs and it is still formatted incorrectly. If one decides to use, be sure you have legal sized paper.

Dear Anonymous: Yes, the original version is legal-sized. A letter-sized formatted document is now attached above.

And a lightning fast response.

Letter Format Page 4, 5 & 6 cut off. The Social Security NUmber doesn't all sit on the line when you type. And when you type someones name on the line moves and you have to delete the extra. Can be corrected Page 3, 4 & 5 are designated as legal size paper and the first three are letter size. THe information looks complete and could be a helpful tool to those just getting into cremation.

Alesia Skinner
Paxtang Cemetery
401 Kelso St.
Harrisburg, PA 17111

This remains a terrible tool. Please convert to a fillable PDF