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The ICCFA does what no cemetery or funeral home can do alone: We speak for the entire industry. Congress looks to us when an expert on our industry is needed. The ICCFA regularly interacts with numerous federal agencies, including the Federal Trade Commission, the General Accounting Office, the Internal Revenue Service, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as the state and federal courts.

In 2006, 2008 and 2010, staff and members of the ICCFA visited Capitol Hill, calling on dozens of senators and officers to explain the role of the association as a potential resource to legislators, to introduce them to the association's model guidelines and to advocate for H.R. 1273, a bill to restore the plot and marker reimbursement allowance for veterans and their families who choose to be buried in private and religious cemeteries.

Click here to review some of the recent government and legal advocacy efforts the ICCFA has undertaken on behalf of the profession. 

Legal Resources

Ordering a Death Certificate 
If the death occurred in the United State, please go to the following link to order certificates:

For information on deaths that occurred outside of the United States, visit the National Center for Health Statistics for details:

CDC Updates Its Ebola Guidelines at the Request of ICCFA
In response to inquiries by our members, the ICCFA contacted the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to obtain clarification regarding the recent CDC guidelines on handling the human remains of Ebola victims. The CDC updated its guidelines. See the revised guidelines at

New USPS Document on Shipping Cremated Remains
The United States Postal Service (USPS) recently published a new document on "How to Package and Ship Cremated Remains" (February 2014). Download the document here.

Free Fraud Investigation & Deterrence Consultation Service
The association has retained the services of veteran fraud investigator Robert A. Garvey Jr., CPA, CFE, CrFA, CVA, to serve as a consultative resource for members' employee theft and fraud concerns. The new member benefit, the "Fraud Investigation & Deterrence Consultation Service" or FIDCS, will allow members to discuss by telephone any issues or concerns related to suspected fraudulent activity or a desire to put systems and controls in place at their locations to deter such activity. There is no cost to ICCFA members in good standing to utilize this benefit. The number to call is 866.649.1902.

ICCFA Provide Services To Make Sure You Comply With Government Rules & Regulations

  • ICCFA Provides Members With New "Red Flag" Compliance Program—ICCFA is providing members with a sample compliance program concerning new federal rules to fight identity theft. Click here to download a sample red flag compliance program that you may customize for your company (members only).

  • GPL Compliance Check Offered to Members—Effective immediately, members whose businesses must comply with the FTC Funeral Rule's General Price List (GPL) requirements can have their lists reviewed by attorney Poul H. Lemasters, Esq., without charge. The ICCFA has retained the services of Mr. Lemasters, who is an attorney and a licensed funeral director, to provide telephone consultation on cremated-related legal issues. Now this service has been expanded to include GPL reviews. You may contact Lemasters toll-free at 513.407.8114.

  • Free Telephone Consultations on Cremation Issues—Through exclusive retainer agreements, ICCFA members can access telephone legal consultations regarding cremation questions through attorney and funeral director Poul Lemasters at 513.407.8114.

  • HR Law Benefit—Attorney Michael Pepperman of the Labor Relations and Employment Law department at Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel LLP, is available to address questions on topics ranging from hiring and firing, to employee privacy and workplace violence, to wages and hours, to equal employment opportunity and wrongful discharge issues. Michael Pepperman, Esq., has spoken on labor and employment issues at several ICCFA conferences and regional industry meetings. To take advantage of this benefit, please call 215.665.3032.

  • Tax-Related QuestionsICCFA members now also have access to an attorney for tax-related questions regarding trust earnings, care fund allocations, capital gains, investments and more. The ICCFA has retained Leslie Schneider, CPA, a tax attorney with Ivins, Phillips & Barker in Washington, DC, for telephone consultations for up to 20 minutes with no obligation. To take advantage of this member benefit, call Schneider at 202.393.7600.


ICCFA Responds to the Media
The ICCFA regularly tracks the media attention our industry garners and responds to misleading reports and news articles on the industry. Read some recent headlines pertaining to our industry and letters the ICCFA has sent in response to media reports.

ICCFA Model Guidelines for State Laws and Regulations
The ICCFA Government and Legal Affairs Committee has developed a set of 28 model guidelines for state laws and regulations. The guidelines combine a sensitivity to consumer protection issues with the need for cemeteries, funeral homes, memorial designers and crematories to conduct their operations according to sound business principles. Review the ICCFA model guidelines.

Washington Report
The ICCFA keeps members informed of relevant legislative and legal activities through several vehicles, including the "Washington Report," a column that appears monthly in the ICCFA Magazine.

Cremation Guides
The ICCFA offers several Cremation resources, including guidelines, model contracts and recommended procedures. View the menu of cremation-related legal resources.

ICCFA Representatives Attend Pandemic Flu Conference
In March 2006, representatives from the ICCFA participated in a two-day "Fatality Management Pandemic Influenza Working Group Conference" at Fort Monroe in Hampton, Virginia. The Association was represented by Past President Robert A. Gordon Sr., CCFE, and General Counsel Robert M. Fells. The group received briefings on various aspects of a potential flu pandemic affecting the United States and worldwide. Click here to download the four White Papers that resulted from this conference and to download a sample flu policy that you may customize for your company (members only).



Read the ongoing series of essays from Bob Fells on political issues and how they affect funeral service business issues.

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