Cremation-Related Resources

The ICCFA offers several cremation resources, including guidelines, model contracts and recommended procedures.

Model Cremation Authorization Form - Users should modify the form to comply with the legal requirements in their respective states. Click here to download the form.

Due Diligence For Funeral Homes Utilizing Third-Party Crematories - Due diligence begins with a review of the funeral home’s own internal procedures. Examine each of the areas included in this document to ensure that the funeral home properly handles cremation cases internally.

TSA Urn Restrictions - In 2004, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) implemented a rule for transporting urns as carry-on luggage.

Recommended Procedures for Handling Human Remains for Cremation by Mortuaries, Cemeteries and CrematoriesOriginally developed by the Cremation Association of North America Modified and endorsed in 1985 by the International Cemetery and Funeral Association. Click here to read more.