2012 Annual Convention & Exposition -- Exhibiting


  • Earn up to 17.5 continuing education credits

  • 550 exhibit booths with extended expo hours

  • 11 hours of exhibiting with free food & drinks throughout in the expo hall

  • 35+ breakout sessions on topics that most affect your business

  • Networking luncheons and receptions

  • KIP Awards presentation
  • ICCFA Annual Meeting of Members

  • ICCFA Annual Memorial Service

  • Educational Foundation Reception and Awards Presentation to Gary O'Sullivan and Todd Van Beck

  • Hall of Fame Induction of David Shipper

  • 5th Annual Pet Loss Professionals Alliance Conference

  • International Memorialization Supply Association Annual Meeting and Happy Hour

  • Jewish Funeral Directors of America Annual Meeting and breakout sessions

  • Green Burial Council Board Meeting and breakout sessions


AlanCreedy.org/Inevitable Exodus

American Funeral Financial

American Memorial Life Insurance Company

Answering Service for Directors (ASD)

Assurant Life of Canada

Astral Industries, Inc.

Aurora Casket Company

Batesville Casket Company, Inc. 

Clearpoint Federal Bank & Trust


Eckco Products 

Forest Lawn Memorial-Parks & Mortuaries

Forethought Life Insurance Company

Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company 

Green Hills Memorial Park

Guerra & Gutierrez Mortuary

Hepburn Superior US Chemical

Inglewood Park Cemetery

Independence Trust Company

Johnson Consulting Group 

Live Oak Trust

Madelyn Company 

Matthews International Corporation

NGL Insurance Group

NOMIS Publications, Inc.

NorthStar Memorial Group 

Physicians Mutual Insurance


Regions Bank

Riviera Tailors, Ltd.

Security National Life Insurance Company 

Service Corporation International

Sinosource International, Inc. 

Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum

StoneMor Partners, LP

Supernova International, Inc.

The Signature Group

Texas Funeral Directors Association

Wuxi ANA Industries Co., Ltd.


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You may now reserve your exhibit space for the ICCFA 2012 Convention & Exposition, March 19-22 at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The Expo has sold out for the past three years, so plan to reserve your booth early!


The 2011 Expo was the most successful in ICCFA history, continuing a four-year trend of record-breaking participation and attendance at our Annual Convention. This year, we again plan to leave previous attendance records in the dust. 

We are committed to make 2012 ICCFA's biggest year ever. We believe this association holds the best convention in the industry, and we are doing what it takes to get the word out. Beyond attracting more customers for you to meet, we have structured the entire program to bring maximum traffic into the Expo hall.

The ICCFA Convention & Exposition is continuously the highest rated trade show in our industry. We were even mentioned in the trade publication Exhibitor Magazine as a "highlight of the exhibition experience."

We will work closely with our suppliers to make sure your needs are met prior to, on-site and following the Expo. In addition to higher attendance and the exclusive training session, this year's Expo will provide you with: 

  • Non-competing exhibiting hours
  • More than 10 hours of productive networking opportunities with the industry's top buyers
  • Continuous food and beverage service throughout all Expo hours
  • Expo in the same room as General Sessions
  • Educational programming designed specifically to bring in owners and managers, the decision makers you want to meet 
  • The most reasonably priced booth rates among industry trade shows

As in previous years, applications received by November 25 will be assigned their booth(s) based on the ICCFA point system. Applications received after November 25 will be assigned their booth on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you would like to discuss the Convention, advertising, or becoming a supplier member to receive a discount on your booth rates, please contact Rick Platter at rickp@iccfa.com or 571.323.2985.


2012 Annual Convention & Exposition Exhibitors

Digital Registry Inc.


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1-800-LOANMART 761 www.800loanmart.com
2WayRadioPlus.com/Motorola 507 www.2wayradioplus.com
ABM Funding, Inc. 430 www.abm-funding.com
Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice 319 www.apfsp.org
Ad All Occasions 204 www.adalloccasions.com
Advanced Plotting Devices 1052 www.apdevices.com
Aeon Manufacturing Compnay Inc 735 www.aeonmfg.com
Affordable Markers 106 www.affordable-markers.com
Alexander Studio 722 www.alexanderstudio.org
Algordanza, USA 910 www.algordanza.com
All City Communications 323 www.allcitycom.com
AlphaMega Inc. 947 www.alphamegainc.com
Alternative Solutions USA 307 www.alternativesolutionsusa.org
Alturnamats Inc. 453 www.alturnamats.com
American Bronze Craft, Inc. 458 www.americanbronzecraft.com
American Cemetery Supplies, Inc. 641 www.acsupplies.com
American Crematory Equipment 822 www.americancrematory.com
American Funeral Financial, LLC 549 www.americanfuneralfinancial.com
Antal Products, Inc. 505 www.antalproducts.com
Arrangers Academy/Healing Farewell Center 1042 www.arrangersacademy.com
Artistic Urns, Inc. 411 www.artisticwoodurns.com
ASD Answering Service for Directors 840 www.myasd.com
Astral Industries 617 www.astralindustries.com
Aurora Casket 341 www.auroracasket.com
Axiom Business Systems 610 www.charoncms.com
B&B Manufacturing Inc. 116 www.bnbmfg.com
B&L Cremation Systems Inc 921 www.blcremationsystems.com
Bass-Mollett Publishers 241 www.bass-mollett.com
Batesville 6628 www.batesville.com
Be Remembered 104 www.beremembered.me
Begin Bronze Urns 313 www.urnsbegin.com
Behrens Design & Development Inc 647 www.behrensdesign.com
Beyond Indigo Funerals 454 www.beyondindigo.com
Biondan North America Inc 217 www.biondanbronze.com
Bio-Response Solutions, Inc. 820 www.bioresponsefuneral.com
BIS Computer Solutions Inc. 759 www.biscomputer.com
Blissful Tribute Inc. 1058 www.blissfultribute.com
Body Scoop by B-Mobile 860 www.www.bodyscoop.net
Brooke International 920 www.brookeintl.com
Carrier Mausoleums Construction USA Inc. 741 www.mausoleum-cmc.com
Cemetery Funeral Supply 905 www.cfsupply.com
Cemneo (Heston Systems) 317 www.cemneo.com
Chateau Urns 848 www.chateauurns.com
Cherokee Casket Company 334 www.cherokeechildcaskets.com
Chicago Cremation Supplies 434 www.chicagocremationsupplies.com
Christy Vault Company, Inc. 418 www.christyvaults.com
Church & Chapel Metal Arts Inc. 828 www.church-chapel.com
CJ Boots Casket Co. 1047 www.cjboots.com
Cloud 9 Real Time 918 www.cloud9realtime.com
Cloverlawn Butterflies 1006 www.cloverlawnbutterflies.com
Cold Spring Memorial Group 1015 www.coldspringgranite.com
Compassion & Choices 260 www.compassionandchoices.org/conference
ConnectingDirectors.com 124 www.connectingdirectors.com
Conrad Pickel Studio Inc 729 www.pickelstudio.com
Continental Computer Corporation 1028 www.continentalcomputers.com
Cooperative Funeral Funding Inc. 301 www.cooperativefuneralfund.com
Cremation Safeguard 856 www.cremationsafeguard.com
Crematory Manufacturing & Service, Inc. / CMS 328 www.crematorymanurfactuting.com
Crescent Sales 103 www.crescentsales.com
CTP Solutions 409 www.ctpsolutions.com
Custom Air Trays 431 www.customairtrays.com
Custom Crafted Wood, Inc. 435 www.customcraftedwood.com
Cutting Edge Industries 737 www.cuttingedgecatalog.com
Dawn Urns 111 www.dawnurns.com
Deaton-Kennedy Company 723 www.deatonkennedy.com
Decisions For Life LLC 742 www.dflresults.com
Department of Veterans Affairs 354 www.cem.va.gov
Destiny Casket 1030 www.destinycasket.com
560 www.digitalregistry.com
Doric Products, Inc. 928 www.doric-vaults.com
Eagle Coach Company 1041 www.svgvehicles.com
Eagle Granite Company 306 www.eaglegranite.com
Eagle's Wings Air 525 www.eagleswingsair.com
Eckco Products 854 www.eckcoproducts.com
Eckels (H.S. Eckels & Company) 516 www.eckelsandcompany.com
Eco-Green International 955 www.eco-greencremationsystem.com
EDA Land Planning 621 www.edalandplanning.com
eFuneral 553 www.efuneral.com
Eickhof Columbaria Inc. 809 www.eickhofcolumbaria.com
Elberton Granite Association Inc. 359 www.egaonline.com
Elegante Brass Company 829 www.elegantebrass.com
Ensure-A-Seal 612 www.ensure-a-seal.com
Eternal Branding Plus 101 www.cremainsbags.com
Everlasting Granite Company 608 www.everlastinggranite.com
Facultatieve Technologies 117 www.facultatieve-technologies.com
Family Bronze 957 www.familybronze.com
Federal Coach Company 1029 www.svgvehicles.com
Federated Funeral Directors of America, a Fiducial Co. 930 www.ffda.com
Ferno Washington Inc 400 www.ferno.com
Final Embrace, LLC. 352 www.finalembrace.com
Fine N' Rhine 408  
Fingerprint Jewelry 652 www.kirchnercorp.com
Flowers for Cemeteries Inc 929 www.flowersforcemeteries.com
Forethought Financial Group 717 www.forethought.com
Forston & Associates, LLC. 1024 www.forston.com
Franklin Wrap, LLC. 623 www.franklinwrap.com
Frigid Fluid Co. 506 www.frigidfluid.com
Funeral Business Advisor 455 www.funeralbusinessadvisor.com
Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company 403 www.funeraldirectorslife.com
Funeral Home Gifts 534 www.funeralhomegifts.com
Funeral Service Foundation 256 www.funeralservicefoundation.org
Funeral Service Inc 146 www.fsitrust.com
Funeral Source One 753  
FuneralNet 906 www.funeralnet.com
funeralOne 123 www.funeralone.com
Fyda Freightliner Cincinnati, Inc. 342 www.fydafreightliner.com
Genesis Casket 653 www.genesiscasket.com
Glass Remeberance 502 www.glassremembrance.com
Global Mortuary Affairs 305 www.globalmortuaryaffairs.com
Golden Considerations Inc. 660 www.goldenconsiderations.com
Gracious Remembrance LLC 309 www.graciousremembrance.com
Granite Resources Corp. 1060 www.grcgranite.com
Greiner Memorials 203 www.greinermemorials.com
Healing Keepsakes 428 www.healingkeepsakes.com
Heirloom Bible Publishers 616 www.heirloomprograms.com
Hepburn-Superior-US Chemical 459 www.hepburnsuperior.com
Heritage Flower Co. 618 www.heritageflower.com
Hilltop Plus Inc. 521 www.hilltopcasket.com
HMIS, Inc. 733 www.hmisinc.com
Holland Supply Inc 1012 www.hollandsupplyinc.com
Holy Land Stone Co. 209 www.holylandstone.com
Holy Land Urns LTD. 233 www.holylandurns.com
Homesteaders Life Co. 349 www.homesteaderslife.com
Hong Kong Puweng Group (Valued Show Management LLC) 1001 www.valuedshow.com
Honor Life 841 www.honorlife.com
Howard Miller Co./Hekman 934 www.howardmiller.com
HYGECO USA 117 www.facultatieve-technologies.com
Implant Recycling LLC 510 www.implantrecycling.com
IMSA 252 www.imsa-online.com
Independence Trust Company 523 www.independencetrust.com
Ingram Construction Company, Inc. 909 www.mausoleum.com
Inman Shipping Worldwide/
Omega Assured Return Plan
941 www.inmanshippingworldwide.com
Innovative Labs 405 www.ino-labs.com
Insight Books, Inc. 333 www.insightbooks.com
Intera USA 654 www.intera.us
J. Stuart Todd Inc. 817 www.jstarchitects.com
Jack Goodnoe - Cemetery Planning & Design 846 www.jackgoodnoe.com
Jefferson Financial 210 www.jeffersonfin.com
JetBlue Airways 108 www.jetblue.com
John Berger Hardwood Containers 858 www.johnberger.biz
Johnson Consulting Group 528 www.johnsonconsulting.com
Kahlen Studio 109 www.kahlenstudio.com
Kap-Lind Enterprises, Inc. 511 www.kap-lind.com
Kates-Boylston Publications 355 www.katesboylston.com
Keith Merrick Company, Inc 1022 www.keithmerrick.com
Kelco Supply Company 1008 www.kelcosupply.com
Kerber, Eck & Braeckel LLP 321 www.kebcpa.com
Kinkaraco - Shrouds 834 www.kinkaraco.com
KMI Columbaria 231 www.kmicolumbaria.com
Kryprotek 416 www.kryprotek.com
Let your love grow 1034 www.letyourlovegrow.com
Life Marker 1046 www.lifemarker.com
Light of Hope "Ubermemorials Inc" 1007 www.lightofhope.com
Live Oak Bank 818 www.liveoakbank.com
LP Bronze International, Inc. 1053 www.lpbronze.com
Mabrey Products 325 www.mabreyproducts.com
Madelyn Co. 102 www.madelynpendants.com
Makey Wood Urns (HiYi Woodwork Factory) 253 www.woodurn.cn
Making Everlasting Memories 141 www.mem.com
Matthews International 603 www.matthewsbronze.com
McCleskey Mausoleums 805 www.mccleskey.com
McClure and Associates 142 www.bmmclure.com
Meadow Hill Corp. 410 www.meadowhillco.com
Mekus Tanager Inc. 1018 www.mekustanager.com
Memorial Boards/
Halo International
1036 www.memorialboards.com
Memorial Business Systems, Inc. 740 www.memorialbusinesssystems.com
Memorial Glass Artwork/Tropical Glass Design 353 www.tropicalglassdesign.com
Memorial Streams 1056 www.memorialstreams.com
Memoriams.com 1005 www.memoriams.com
Memory Glass 821 www.memoryglass.com
Memory Links 302 www.memorylinks.com
Merendino Cemetery Care 311 www.merendino-cc.com
Messenger 517 www.messengerstationery.com
Metal Creations Inc. 658 artistwelder@hotmail.com
Miller Architects & Builders 1003 www.millerab.com
Milne Construction Co. 811 www.milneconstruction.com
MKJ Marketing 604 www.mkjmarketing.com
Moirai LLC (Monument Guard) 931 www.monumentguard.com
Moments and Time 144 www.momentsandtime.com
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney 304 www.mssb.com
Mork Mausoleum Construction, Inc. 922 www.morkmausoleum.com
Mortech MFG. 532 www.mortechmfg.com
Mortuary Lift Company 407 www.mortuarylift.com
Mourning Cross (HCMS Products Ltd.) 959 www.mourningcross.com 
Mourning Discoveries Grief Support Services 645 www.mourningdiscoveries.com
Nanan Shengjin Stone (Valued Show Management LLC) 500 www.valuedshow.com
National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) 205 www.nfda.org
National Guardian Life Insurance Company (NGL) 1002 www.nglic.com
National Mortuary Shipping 907 www.natlmortuaryshipping.com
Natural Legacy by Hainsworth 933 www.naturallegacy.com
NCE Corporation 432 www.nce-crawford.com
New Memorials Direct 452 www.newmemorialsdirect.com
Nomis Publications 911 www.nomispublications.com
Oregon Memorials 1016 www.oregonmemorials.com
OrthoMetals B.V. 207 www.orthometals.com
Paradise Pictures 522 www.paradisepictures.com
Passages International Inc 746 www.passagesinternational.com
Picture Frame Urns, LLC. 110 www.pictureframeurns.com
Pinnacle Nationwide, a division of Elexco, Inc. 1020 www.pinnaclenationwide.com
Pittsburg Institute of Mortuary Science (PIMS) 908 www.pims.edu
Pix Your Media 457 www.pixyour.com
PLPA 258 www.myplpa.com
Polyguard & Co. 724 www.polyguardvaults.com
Prairie Creations 429 www.prairiecreations.com
Precious Memories 504 www.pmkeepsakes.com
PRECOA (Lincoln Heritage Funeral Planning) 1035 www.precoa.com
Premier Funeral Manufacturing LLC 120 www.premierfuneralmanufacturing.com
Premier Memorial 720 www.premiermemorial.com
Progressive Environmental Services 433 www.pmrs-refining.com
PSM 140 www.psm.qc.ca
R&S Design Gallery 932 www.rsmemorialproducts.com
Raj India Trading 105  
Refinext 656 www.refinext.com
Regions Bank 356 www.regions.com
Remembrance Art Glass Memorials 211 www.remembranceartglassmemorials.com
Rimage Corporation 406 www.rimage.com
Riviera Tailors LTD. 721 www.rivieratailors.blogspot.com
RK Productions 953 www.rkurns.com
Roberts & Downey Chapel Equipment 245 www.robertsanddowney.com
Rock of Ages 747 www.rockofages.com
Rogue Art Glass 340 www.artglassmemorials.com
Rosewood Classic Coach 853 www.rosewoodclassiccoach.com
S&S and Superior Coaches (Accubuilt) 712 www.accubuilt.com
Sauder Funeral Products 135 www.sauderfuneralproducts.com
Security National Life Insurance Co. 852 www.snlpreneed.com
Serenity Tree 357 www.myserenitytree.com
Shiva Shade 824 www.shivashade.com
SI Construction 421 www.suhor.com
Signet Funeral Supply 417 www.signetsupply.com
SinoSource International Inc. 335 www.sinosource.biz
So Impressive 643 www.soimpressive.com
Southern Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Association 254 www.sccfa.info
Southland Medical Corporation 402 www.southlandmed.com
Southwest Airlines Cargo 1054 www.swacargo.com
SpartaCraft Inc. 300 www.spartacraft.com
SRS Computing 902 www.srscomputing.com
Star Granite & Bronze 917 www.stargranite.com
Starmark Funeral Products 129 www.starmarkfp.com
Summit Associates 1032 www.summitassociates.ca
Sunset Memorial & Stone LTD 819 www.sunsetstone.com
SVE Portable Roadway Systems, Inc. 943 www.mudtraks.com
SympathyNet 757 www.sympathynet.com
T&J Manufacturing Corp. 924 www.tandjmfg.com
The Brickman Group 229 www.brickmangroup.com
The Champion Company 743 www.champion-newera.com
The Davis Whitehall Co. 552 www.davis-whitehall.com
The Dodge Company 329 www.dodgeco.com
The Forever Hug Collection, Inc. 456 www.theforeverhug.com
The Garden Gallery 113 www.thegardengallery.com
The Tribute Companies Inc 912 www.tributeinc.com
Thermodigital 404 www.thermodigital.com
Tianjin Uni Grace Trade Co., Inc 200 www.sinoyoung.com
Timberland Urns 1044 www.timberlandurns.com
Tributes.com 512 www.tributes.com
Trigard 541 www.trigard.com
Triple H Company 816 www.triplehcompany.com
Trust 100 554 www.trust100.com
Tukios, Inc. 147 www.tukios.com
U.S. Cremation Equipment 1040 www.uscremationequipment.com
US Airways 122 www.usairwayscargo.com
US Metalcraft, Inc. 622 www.usmetalcraft.com
ValleyCrest Landscape Companies 208 www.valleycrest.com
Vantage Products Corp. 600 www.vantageproducts.com
Wacker Newson 1059 www.wackerson.com
WebCemeteries.com 731 www.webcemeteries.com
Wilbert Funeral Services 420 www.wilbertonline.com
Windhaven 830 www.windhavenurns.com
Withum & Brown PC 945 www.withum.com
Worsham College of Mortuary Science 235 www.worshamcollege.com
Xiamen Chonglian Import & Export (Valued Show Management LLC) 836 www.valuedshow.com
Xiamen Ruikata Trading (Valued Show Management LLC) 501 www.valuedshow.com
Xiamen Yongsong Stone (Valued Show Management LLC) 833 www.valuedshow.com
Yamaha Corporation of America/Classic Piano 247 www.classicportland.com
Zhang Jiagang Medical (Valued Show Management LLC) 832 www.valuedshow.com
Zhen Jian Xingrong Pack (Valued Show Management LLC) 916 www.valuedshow.com
Zontec International, Inc. 807 www.zontecsolutions.com

—as of March 9, 2012