PLPA Group Communications Choices

PLPA Members:

Having completed most of the fine-tuning, the PLPA Web site now has two main communications vehicles that should suffice going forward.

First is the PLPA Discussion Forum, which some of you have dabbled with already. The Forum allows for extended discussion on any number of topics, and also offers a nice mode of display which allows quick perusal of available topics.

Just opened today is the PLPA Blog, where any member of the group can post thoughts or announcements. The PLPA Blog allows for more immediately accessible communications, because all you have to do is click on the PLPA Blog button at top and you can scroll the most recent submissions.

When to use the Forum, and when to write a Blog post to the group? There is no hard and fast rule. Forum topics allow for a more permanent discussion that is easier to return to, because the topics are arranged on a grid that's easily navigated. Blog posts will drift down the page over time and eventually off the page. However, both allow for extended communication so it's not all that critical whether you use one or the other.

Over time, we can see how the respective vehicles work out.

A key reason for using the vehicles based here at the PLPA site is to have a central repository for discussions and announcements. When new Forum posts or Blog posts are published, PLPA members will receive an e-mail notification, so it will be easy to keep track of the conversations as they are updated.