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Hello Friends,... a couple of quick items of interest for the PLPA group - the PLPA logo is ready for your use to include on your website and other marketing materials.  As we continue to build brand and strength for the PLPA group, the use of the logo to signify your company's participation in this group will help us to continue to be THE association for pet death care professionals and our process partners to look towards as a leader.  As our association grows in our initiative of pet death care professionalism, we will clearly become a respected leader for all!

Most recently a message went out requesting speakers for the conference in March in San Antonio.  Yesterday was the deadline for this information to be sent in,...  Within the next few days, I will be finalizing the line-up of the PLPA topics for our roll-out meeting.  Now is your last chance to get this information in if you are wanting to share your professional ideas with other pet death care professionals!

Have a wonderful week,...  As our efforts grow in the PLPA mission - please know that all feedback is encouraged for us to continue to be the best that we can be!

A beautiful fall to all of you!