Communication Update

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Hello Friends,...  I just wanted to take an opportunity to give a quick update on the PLPA happenings!  In preparation for the upcoming conference, there are many "balls in the air!"  The conference is coming together beautifully and I know that you will all find this inaugral meeting to be not only exciting but also incredibly valuable with the information that will be presented!  Quite the dynamic line-up!

Thanks to those of you who have reached out on the site with your questions and thoughts.  Many of the items that have come through, such as questions on segregated cremations, are going to be topics that will be discussed during our time together at the conference.  These types of topics should be a part of standards that are discussed as a group and reviewed for collective thoughts on those pieces that will be adopted.  The opening session of the conference will begin to address these issues as well as other components that will affect all of the associations members.

Lastly, one of the items that we would like to have for discussion at the conference in San Antonio in March is a program to begin certifying pet loss professionals.  If you would like to serve on a committee for this program, please let me know!

I will keep all of you posted on the updates for the conference and other projects that are in the works!  Thanks to all of you for your support!  Please make sure that you have registered for the conference - it sounds like the rooms are filling up quickly!