The PLPA To Discuss a Certification Program

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Hello My Friends,... the time is quickly approaching for our first inaugral meeting of the PLPA!  I'm anxious to see and meet all of you in San Antonio and to begin our business and working relatationships within this beautiful industry of pet loss professionals.

As you prepare for your trip to San Antonio and these meetings, one of the topics of discussion will be the creation of a certification program for pet loss professionals.  A certification that will allow professionals in this industry to put the letters CPLP, Certified Pet Loss Professional, behind their names.  As we continue to educate the public on pet death care, this credentialed program will certainly be a component of this process.

With this, the program will need courses designed that will be applicable to obtaining this title.  What are those courses that YOU think would be necessary?  What does the continuing education aspect of this program look like?  

This program will be created by you, the PLPA member.    I look forward to having this discussion during our time together in San Antonio.

See you in a few months!  Get your reservations in!  And, continue to spread the word of the PLPA to your colleagues in the pet death care industry.