Preparing for the next PLPA Meeting

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Hello Fellow PLPA members!  The summer has passed us by - and we are moving into the final months of 2010.  While I could say "My oh my, where has the time gone," I KNOW where it's gone - it's gone into hard work by the PLPA committee chairs to continue to lay the foundation for our association!  Much progress has been made with more updates to follow on the work that has been done!  You are going to be incredibly pleased and excited with what's going on - and what the next steps look like!  Stay tuned!

I did want to reach out to our PLPA members and get some communication going in regards to our next conference.  Work is currently in place to set the agenda and to make sure that this time together is incredibly valuable for everyone. 

With that - what are your thoughts as to what you would like to see at the convention?  From networking ideas and social ideas to learning information - share with me your thoughts!  It's important that these conferences are what YOU want and need to have to make your pet loss business the best that it can be!

Give me a "shout out."  WHAT is important to you?!