Showcase you and your services!

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Good morning to you - from snowy, icey Indiana!  Wow!  Mother Nature showed up this morning - and she's not happy!  Everyone - be safe!

This is a full week of preperation for our upcoming PLPA meeting.  And, with every day I get more and more excited with the convention's activities! 

Another request for you,...  during the Grand Opening Session on Tuesday, March 8th, we will be playing a video showcasing all of our PLPA members and their respective facilities.  Furthermore, if you are a supplier of pet memorialization items such as urns, caskets or other items, we are going to include your pieces in our video as well.

My request to you,... email to me a photo of your operation or you and your team at your pet cemetery, pet crematory or pet funeral home.  For the suppliers, email to me a photo of one of your products as well as your company logo.  I will be compiling all of these photos into the most amazing video to show during our welcome reception!  Give everyone an opportunity to see you, your team or your facility during this time of getting to know our team members! 

My email address is  Please have your photos to me by Friday, March 4, 2011.

Thanks!  Questions, let me know!