PLPA Co-Chair responds to tragedy in Oklahoma

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Earlier today, PLPA Co-Chair Coleen Ellis, CPLP, sent a letter to two reporters in Tulsa, OK, who have been covering the tragic circumstances at Pets at Peace crematory in the metro area. Here is what it said:

Dear Ashlei King/Kendrick Marshall,

Thank you for the reporting that you have done on the tragedy in Okmulgee County, Oklahoma, regarding the pets that did not receive their proper cremation from Pets at Peace.

The Pet Loss Professionals Alliance (PLPA) is an organization that is striving to increase the standards of business practices within the pet death care profession in an effort to prevent situations like this from occurring.

One way the PLPA is doing this is by increasing the awareness of the business practices within our profession. The PLPA released standardized model definitions and ethical organizational practices two years ago. The PLPA continues to make progress in this area, making sure that pet death care providers are aware of best practices. Through education and awareness, the PLPA has a mission of making sure pet parents and their beloved pets are represented by caring and ethical pet death care providers and not victims of these horrific practices.

Enclosed you will find PLPA’s a sampling of our model business standards and practices. In particular, we have enclosed:

Cremation Authorization and Disposition Form (this form should be completed for each pet, authorizing the specific type of cremation of the pet and the statistical information on that particular pet).
Definitions & Standards for the Cremation of Companion Animals  (the definitions include the various types of pet cremations that occur across the country).
It is our intent to continue to educate professionals as well as pet parents on the acceptable business practices for the final care of a pet's remains. Please let us know if there is additional information that we might provide to you in regards to our organization or this tragedy.

Coleen Ellis
PLPA Co-Chair