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Annual Pet Loss Profession Survey Summaries

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Download the 2012 summary by clicking here. MEMBERS ONLY!

PLPA Guide to Planning Ahead

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PLPA Cremation Standards & Definitions

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Introductory Letter to Vets

In response to a request from a PLPA member, we gladly provide a letter for members to send to a veterinarian letting them know about the Pet Loss Professionals Alliance and the great work the group is doing. You may download this file as a Word document and customize as you wish.

PLPA Creates Cremation Authorization Form, Expands Cremation Standards & Definitions


Families today frequently choose cremation when their pet dies; however, there is often confusion among families, veterinarians and even cremation providers surrounding the definitions of the various options available for cremation and the procedures used in each.

The Pet Loss Professionals Alliance (PLPA), a group of more than 150 pet loss providers and related businesses, has created its own Cremation Authorization Form (MEMBERS ONLY!) and updated its Definitions and Standards for the Cremation of Companion Animals to promote uniformity and standardization in pet cremation.

Indiana State Police K9 Funeral Manual

PLPA members may download this document to use as a template for police K9 funerals in their area. MEMBERS ONLY!